The History of Association Orfée and Orfée In English

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The History of Association Orfée and Orfée In English

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:38 pm

This is how it all began...

One day in 2009 an emaciated, abandoned dog was taken to a local French dog pound.  No one knew his history and no one really cared. Without someone coming to help or reclaim him, he would soon be taken away and put to sleep - just like thousands of other unwanted, mistreated and unclaimed dogs.
But, fortunately for him someone did come – they took him home, cared for him, loved him and named him “Orfée”. Through this one act of compassion and kindness, the seed of hope for future dogs was sown and the French 'Association Orfée' was founded.  It paved the way for many hundreds of dogs who have been helped and saved since that day in 2009, and our intention is to carry on saving as many “doggie” lives as possible.
Today, Association Orfée is a registered French Animal Rescue charity, offering dogs for adoption throughout the Poitou-Charentes and surrounding regions in France. We are not a refuge, but rely totally on our network of French and English speaking volunteers and foster families to help us rescue and rehome these desperate dogs who would otherwise be put to sleep. The Association Orfée team are just ordinary people, who are animal-lovers and want to make a real difference in helping save unwanted, mistreated and abandoned dogs lives, working hard together to achieve our aims:-

  • To rescue and help abandoned, unwanted and mistreated dogs before euthanasia
  • To assure their veterinary care, sterilisation and vaccination
  • To help socialise them within a foster family network and start their education with professional advice
  • To find safe, loving and permanent homes where they can live happily without fear
  • To provide “ a post adoption service” offering support and advice

We cannot do it alone - We need your help!

At present, here in France, there are literally thousands of lovely dogs, who through no fault of their own find themselves behind bars awaiting a very uncertain or bleak future. Every day dogs die unnecessarily when all they want and need is a loving, secure forever home. You can help give these dogs the future they deserve by helping Orfée to give them that chance. By donations of much needed items such as food, bedding, collars, leads or money, or by helping with transportation, or by fostering, or by adopting an Orfée dog - your contribution helps us to save lives.
Thank You!!

In Memory of Orfée

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